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"At adi, we offer a wide range of IT Consulting skills with specialized knowledge within the logistics industry. Whatever your IT issues are, adi can bring together our technical strengths and real world experience to create a solution unique to your needs. "


IT Skill Set (partial) - adi Resources

At adi Consult, our clients enjoy the benefits of our extensive worldwide logistics services industry experience which is coupled with many technical skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of many 3rd party software packages.

Our experience has been honed and sharpened through years of experience analyzing and solving real world IT problems within the logistics industry. Our technicians and analyst have worked within the IT departments of some of the premier logistics companies and software solution suppliers to the industry.

Below is a sampling of our IT Skills Set:

Implementation / Project Management    more...
  • Oversaw selection, implementation, training, and go-live for implementation of new operational software (Riege) for a major German freight forwarder.
  • Managed implementation of a new operational software (IES) for a mid-sized U.S. freight forwarder, which included arranging and conducting training for over 300 users from 30 offices.
  • For a major U.S. Car Manufacturer, managed implementation of new process, EDI messaging, and system rollout of software handling all vehicle exports from the U.S.
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Logistics and 3PL operations    more...
  • Trained in Germany in formal apprenticeship program for international freight forwarding
  • Implemented software for bulk tanker operations (TRANSLINK) with several large Chemical and Petrochemical companies; integrated data exchange with steam ship lines and port entities both for bulk tankers and tank container operators
  • Conducted several operational efficiency/excellence audits for Freight Forwarders as well as U.S. Exporters for all aspects of freight forwarding and shipping operations.
  • Created tools for electronic load tendering for FTL and LTL freight for an industry consortium in the chemical and rubber industries
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Supply Chain Management    more...
  • Implemented several software packages for demand management, collaborative supply chain execution and VMI with 3PL and 4PL companies as well as in the Automotive, Chemical and Manufacturing industries.
  • Implemented electronic messages as well as web-based systems for various partners (suppliers, consolidators, ocean lines, freight forwarders, truckers, warehouses) in complex supply chain integration projects with major companies in the Textile and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.
  • Conducted business process analysis and implemented supply chain visibility solutions for Imports for several large U.S. Companies
  • Worked with two industry hubs in the creation/implementation of electronic messages (RosettaNet, CIDX/PIDX XML) for supply chain and other message types.
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Warehouse Management    more...
  • Managed complete startup of a new warehouse for a large US 3PL Company, including site preparation, warehouse layout creation, systems and software (ZethCon) implementation, transition of materials from previous warehouse, operations training, go-live support and implementation of operational metrics.
  • Designed and developed software for warehouse management for a mail-order furniture distribution company in Germany
  • Conducted analysis and comparison of several commercial warehouse management systems for a major German Freight forwarder; led selection by user group and implemented software (MEPAW)
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Customs Operations    more...
  • Implemented new Customs software (PROCARS) for a major German Freight Forwarder, including certification testing of software with German Customs authority
  • Conducted analysis of various Customs software packages for a large US Customs Broker
  • Rollout of U.S. Customs software (TradePoint) for various small and midsized U.S. Customs Brokers
  • Architected and developed software for in-bond warehouses with all necessary Customs documentation for I.T., T&E and V.S.I.E. for a major German Airline’s operation in the U.S.
  • Familiar with Customs requirements in a number of countries in Europe as well as Australia and Canada.
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Business Process Analysis and Redesign    more...
  • Major European Petrochemical Company: Analyzed processes for truck scheduling, designed application for shared, internet based application, oversaw development and managed rollout to over 100 trucking companies for several plant locations.
  • Major German Chemical company: Designed new process for electronic management of Original Ocean Bills of Lading; worked with outside partners to develop and implement the solution in over 20 countries
  • Developed standard operating procedures and training materials for mid-size U.S. freight forwarder
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Software architecture and development    more...
  • Architected over 10 different applications, all of which are still in use by a significant customer base.
  • Developed software in the Medical and Pharmaceutical field.
  • Created specialized software for Vessel management and International trade documentation creation for a U.S. Produce Importer.
  • Designed and architected several collaborative solutions in which several partners work on shared data, exchange documents and are guided in timely completion of steps in the workflow.
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Software testing    more...
  • End to end testing
  • Version compatibility testing
  • Bug fix verification testing
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User Training    more...
  • Create training material
  • Establish training plans
  • User training
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Help Desk    more...
  • Provide complete, outsourced help desk functionality and end user support
  • Problem resolution and notifying parties responsible for fixes
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