Helmut Berchtold and Gabriele Berchtold     Are you ever at an event and can’t connect a face with a name?
     Have you ever noticed that at some trade shows or big meetings, there is always one guy that seems to know everybody’s name?
     At CNS our favorite is Helmut Berchtold, Owner of adi Management Consult, Inc. and Management Consulting.
     Helmut places people and never forgets a face.
     Helmut, Luis Fernando Paredes (Aeromexpress), and Gavin-jon Deeks (Chapman Freeborn) scored eight under par on the 18-hole golf course at Gaylord Opryland, winning the CNS Golf Tourney.
     Luis celebrated the event, saying:
     “We won 100 dollars and it cost us over 200 to play, but it was all in fun,” he laughed.
     The great thing about a conference that you attend on a yearly basis is the people that you might otherwise never see. You have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with those people during a couple days locked in a resort and tied to a string of evening social events.
Helmut Places People
     We saw our friends Helmut and Gabriele on the last night of CNS (Tuesday April 12). Everyone showed up country style, in jeans and hats and garb apropos of a city where Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard once roamed.
     When it comes to executive placement for our business, Helmut has the keen eye and the fine hand of a surgeon, with a track record of getting things right when matching up various airline and air cargo industry employers with staff and top executives.
     “We love to attend CNS as this venue offers an opportunity to see most of the people we do business with in one place,” Helmut said.
     But Helmut, who has been at the sometimes tricky effort of executive placement for some time, notes that “every year demand for business proficiencies goes up while the amount of money employers want to pay goes down.”
     “But maybe that is just the natural cycle of things,” he adds quickly.
     “There is no magic bullet here.
     “In the executive search, like anything else, you get what you pay for,” he insists.
     Helmut Berchtold’s consulting career began with Brussels-based Metra Proudfoot, where he made his reputation as someone who understands the industry and is able to execute money saving options.
     It is said Helmut was responsible for saving clients a total of US$40 million while at Proudfoot.
     Armed with a talent for finding the right people for the job, and with logistics experience that includes 12 years as CIO for DB Schenker in New York, Helmut struck out on his own.
     “Many employers, airlines included, place great emphasis on training and continued education of their employees.
     “They have learned over the years that improved quality and enhanced company performance is only achievable by having highly qualified employees.
     “Hence, a company’s competitive edge is directly related to the level of sophistication and qualifications of its human resources.
     “Successful enterprises actively influence their future by succession planning for managers, including early identification of candidates and outlining a plan to prepare them for those higher positions.
     “Some companies even place these candidates in talent pools/environments to allow for open free flow of ideas and innovations to facilitate their preparation and development.”