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adi Management Consult, Inc. vCard
10580 North McCarran Blvd.
Suite 373
Reno, NV 89503
Phone: (775) 636-9160
Merritt Wiley


E-mail: Merritt Wiley

International Logistics, Trade Compliance
and Startup Executive  

Merritt is a seasoned and successful international logistics, trade compliance and startup executive with over thirty years of experience and operations building on six continents. His home base is the United States and has been stationed for extended periods in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Korea, Macau, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Merritt served as CEO for International Trade Services Consulting S.A., COO for Advanced Recycling Group and CEO for Integra International. Prior responsibilities include a number of positions, in a variety of locations, with Danzas Corporation and Schenker International; from Departmental Manager to Vice President. Merritt built-up and managed departments and branches specializing in customhouse brokerage, air freight, ocean freight, OTR, special projects, and fairs/exhibition operations.


  • Operational Startup and Restructuring: national and international business process management
  • Team Building: global, corporate, branch, departmental and virtual
  • Project Management: turnkey specialist with emphasis on the automotive, gaming, construction, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Legal: trade, trade compliance, Customs compliance, entity structuring and local business compliance
  • Lobbyist: WTO, Federal, State, and local
  • Sales & Marketing Leadership: demonstrated successes building revenue, customer bases, professional teams and improved business models.
  • Labor and Contract Negotiation: national and international


  • Developed innovative DDP air freight program for German automobile industry that saved over 40 million dollars in the first two years of deployment due to efficiencies and freight savings. This, part specific, program has now been adopted as an industry standard serving major markets worldwide.
  • Developed twin foreign trade zone operations and compliance processes for a German sports car manufacturer. Instrumental in bringing major changes to the US foreign trade zone regulations and regulatory systems which allowed industry to become more competitive and regulatory agencies to become more efficient.
  • Founding member of advisory council to European, Asian and U.S. automobile manufacturers using foreign trade zone and other bonded environments in North America to control costs and navigate complex regulatory requirements. This council was responsible for major regulatory changes that encouraged trade with, and created manufacturing employment in the U.S.
  • Designed complex logistics and compliance systems that allowed highly temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals to be distributed internationally. Prior to testing and execution of this system, lifesaving medications were not able to reach the young patients they were intended for.
  • Created boutique 3PL serving companies with complex/sensitive regulatory issues and a demand for intensive, onsite supervision worldwide. Built company from 2 telephones and a vision to 43 branches, in 16 countries, with 35 million dollars in annual revenues.
  • Designed, executed and directed innovative logistics, management and sales system for plastic recyclables in Mexico. This system changed the recycling processes in major cities, encouraged local investment in remanufacturing, boosted employment, promoted export of finished goods and soon became a popular business model used today throughout Mexico and Central/South America.

Merritt is a participative business professional who is solutions oriented, results focused, entrepreneurial and practical. He is able to see the larger picture and long term objectives while focusing on the details which allow organizations to achieve stated objectives in a timely fashion. He works closely with team members to produce growth, profitability and value for both company and clients.

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