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adi Management Consult, Inc. vCard
23065 Stokes Road
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 580-6024
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Transportation Job Specialist



E-mail: Helmut Berchtold

Senior Executive - Operations, Technology & Finance
Strong International Background and Global Orientation

Professional history represents over 25 years of developing and implementing comprehensive management strategies. Solid track record for successfully driving growth, profitability, and productivity in a variety of organizational settings. Demonstrated talent for providing swift assessment, analysis and development of solutions and strategies for achieving operational and financial objectives.


  • Project Management: Forte in strategic planning for start-to-finish project implementation including business start-up and/or correcting poor performance situations. Skilled at setting-up or assessing all operational factors, determining needs, and strategies for solution-implementation, including personnel, technology needs, financial management, billing and collections practices, etc.
  • Overall Strategic Development: Maintains both a big picture perspective and attention to the finite details; analyzes and identifies organizational objectives; establishes strategies and milestones for achievement, translates long and short-term strategies into action plans.
  • Technology & Communications: Superior skills in the areas of technology interface, information systems management including the investigation, development and implementation of hardware and software applications to promote smooth communications along with more efficient and better managed operations.
  • Financial Administration: Highly skilled in all aspects of budget development and administration including purchasing and vendor relations, cost-analysis, forecasting, profit and loss analysis, utilizing and auditing data to discover more efficient production and operational methods.
  • Human Factors: Skilled at building a qualified and motivated professional team through selective recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training. Development of compensation packages.
  • International Business & Protocol: Qualified German-English Translator experienced in the procedures, documentation, and cultural considerations required for conducting business across international borders.


  • Performed a key role in successfully planning and establishing a global presence for an internet software tools manufacturer. Initiated, directed, and facilitated the relocation of the company from its Johannesburg, South Africa origins to the new headquarters in San Jose, CA (LiveTechnology).
  • Instrumental in leading the conversion of a $6.0M loss to a $1.2M profit. As part of the restructuring team, assisted in developing better company policies, increasing productivity, and decreasing collection time on outstanding accounts receivable (Schenker, International).
  • Assigned to rectify an accumulation of unpaid foreign accounts. At the beginning of the project, receivables worldwide were $28 million. Secured $20M in unpaid accounts from foreign partners through departmental restructuring, implementation of better computer programs, and adjusting accounting practices throughout 39 US based branches. Managing this task earned $900,000 in exchange rate gains for the company (Schenker, International).
  • Managed a $16M project resulting in greater profitability and productivity for an insurance company lagging in collection time due to inefficient operational procedures. Through strategic restructuring, decreased the processing time of a typical insurance claim from 28 to 7 days, improved application processing from 35 to 10 days. Recommended and directed the installation of a central, automated telephone system which serviced 80% of all incoming phone calls and freed up staff to complete their jobs more efficiently, thereby resulting with significant gains in profitability (Metra Proudfoot).

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