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PersProfile Manager is a simple method to observe and gauge the classic types of personalities. It allows for a definition of the behavioral tendencies of the individual in his professional environment.

We all have behavioral attitudes which influence our internal drives. Some are conveyed without ambiguities or inhibitions; others are toned down because of our social conditioning. They are brought about by the total sum of our temperament, character, personality, and the social role we adopt.

The purpose of this self-appraisal analysis is to give you the opportunity to know yourself better, to be aware of the image you convey to others, to better single out your strong points as well as those that need improving.

As the saying goes: “Know yourself and you will know all others better.” This is the purpose of PersProfile Manager, which acts as a mirror of our behavior. It does not judge, it does not interpret, it does not label. It merely reflects the information we transmit in an explicit way.

At all times we are subject to eight basic behavioral tendencies. Those can be combined in various ways and they result in four basic types of personalities which dictate our actions and behavior when interacting with our surroundings. Obviously it is not the purpose of this analysis to try and stereotype all persons into 8 categories.

To further illustrate this here an example: The spectrum of colors includes an endless number of nuances, tones, and shades which are all the result of a mixture of only three primary colors. The very same principal is true for human beings. While the individual behavior is highly unique, its tendencies are still rather similar to those of many other persons.

The levels at which our eight behavioral tendencies interrelate vary strongly from person to person, however, they trigger our behavioral patterns in a rather predictable way.

They can be summarized into four social stereotypes which reflect the need of recognition, attitudes, motivations, work habits, and patterns of expressing oneself suitable to each individual.

Those are:
    Controls the environment and events, aims at performing and seeks power.
    Seeks cooperation, monitors the environment, and needs recognition from others.
    Seeks security and aims at stability while preserving what has already been established.
    Seeks technical perfection and is motivated by the accurate running of complex projects.

Remarks on commentaries
The commentaries are neither exhaustive nor toned down as far as your behavioral profile is concerned. They express a general tendency for a given profile. At times, they may lead to certain contradictions; but that is the human nature.

PersProfile Manager is a trade mark of Versus Systems SA in Geneva www.myversus.com  

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